DTEK ESCO invests in its clients energy efficiency with guaranteed energy resource savings:

  • We create and implement projects on turnkey basis in accordance with the terms of energy services;
  • We conduct energy audits and implement energy resource saving activities;
  • We help implement energy management systems;
  • We teach our clients personnel the skill of energy resource saving.

Our priorities for investments are facilities of state-financed and social spheres, industrial sector and residential sector.

Order service

Smart WATT ™ saves up to 50% of energy costs. A turn-key solution!

The Smart WATT ™ package includes:

  • A double-rate meter ensuring 50% discount for electricity consumed from 23:00 to 07:00;
  • Smart sockets with a mechanical or digital timer, and also Wi-Fi sockets with the ability to remotely control from your smartphone;





    • Cost-saving LED lighting;
    • A service of meter replacement and registration by DTEK Grids specialists under "full construction".


Experts in the sphere of energy efficiency

DTEK ESCO team of specialists carried out more than 750 energy audits of buildings and structures, as well as 50 energy audits of industrial enterprises, trained more than 550 employees for client companies on the basics of energy management and energy audit.

In 2017-2018, DTEK ESCO implemented 19 energy-efficient projects at industrial enterprises (power plants, mining plants, coal beneficiation plants) and facilities of the budgetary sphere with the achieved savings of 35 to 90% of energy resources.

DTEK invested more than 20 million UAH own funds in these projects.

The analysis of the project portfolio shows that every UAH 1 million invested by DTEK ESCO in energy-efficient projects, over the next 10 years, on average, can bring to our customers savings of 8.7 million kWh of energy or 8 million UAH net savings in monetary terms.


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