DTEK ESCO invests in its clients energy efficiency with guaranteed energy resource savings:

  • We create and implement projects on turnkey basis in accordance with the terms of energy services;
  • We conduct energy audits and implement energy resource saving activities;
  • We help implement energy management systems;
  • We teach our clients personnel the skill of energy resource saving.

Our priorities for investments are facilities of state-financed and social spheres, industrial sector and residential sector.

We make energy affordable

DTEK ESCO aims at making energy affordable by rational and prudent exploitation. To reach this goal we use the leading and most innovative business, educational and research practices and developments. 

Our main product – energy services – allows us to monetize energy dissipation and inefficiency, making them into profit for DTEK ESCO clients. The mechanism of the energy service assumes the return on investment of DTEK ESCO exclusively at the expense of the achieved savings on the objects of the customer.

Energy services allow our clients to solve several tasks at once:


  • Reach the guaranteed energy resource saving;
  • Attract financing to energy-efficient activities;
  • Upgrade equipment and implement modern technologies;

  • Decrease clients products working costs;
  • Ensure industrial safety and contribute to environmental improvement;
  • Improve the comfort at homes, at workspaces, and at operating compartments.

Experts in the sphere of energy efficiency

DTEK ESCO team was one of the first in Ukraine to create and implement energy services projects at major industrial enterprises, in the residential sector and in the state-financed sphere. 

Energy audits had been conducted on 400 buildings of different types and 50 major industrial enterprises such as power plants, regional power distribution companies, mining plants and ore-processing plants under the governance of DTEK ESCO experts.

The results of these energy audits lead to over 50 major energy-efficient investment projects. 

We are currently helping 20 enterprises in implementing the system of energy management in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard.

We cooperate with the National agency of Ukraine on energy efficiency and energy saving, mayor's offices of major cities including Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv, and with international organizations in the sphere of energy efficiency.

DTEK ESCO specialists and the DTEK Academy have developed a modular educational program on energy management and energy audit, which delivered 500 graduates in 2016-2017, including energy specialists from DTEK, business representatives and representatives from associations of co-owners of multi-apartment houses. 



DTEK ESCO implements 20 energy supply projects in the industrial and budgetary spheres with energy savings from 30 to 90%.

In 2016-2017 Dniproenergo and Zakhidenergo TPPs, as well as ore-processing factories PJSC «Central GOK» of the Metinvestholding, DTEK Dobropilskа CPP and two budget institutions in Kiev are the customers of the performance-contact.

57% of the monthly electricity savings was achieved based on the results of the implementation of the energy-efficient project at CMPP, during which 12 Swiss frequency converters were installed at the pumping equipment of the concentrator. Thanks to this project, the CMPP can save 2 million kWh of electricity or nearly 3 million UAH.

DTEK ESCO managers created and are successfully implementing Programs on increasing energy efficiency at 10 enterprises of energy and coal industry, which lead to saving 150 million UAH on energy resources in 2014-2015.

Investment projects, which were governed by DTEK ESCO managers, show a significant longterm effect due to reliable and safe technical solutions, decrease in product energy-cost rate, implementation of automated systems of monitoring and control.



DTEK ESCO specialists and the DTEK Academy have developed a modular training on energy management and energy audit:

  • This course has practical use for enterprise personnel in areas of mining and processing coal, and generating electricity;
  • A separate module of the training was developed for personnel working on maintenance of the buildings and facilities of both industrial and commercial purposes, as well as for personnel maintaining living premises and associations of co-owners of a multi-apartment houses;
  • This course consists of theoretical and practical parts, which is unique in comparison with similar courses on the market of education;
  • Under the training program, 200 employees responsible for the operation of buildings at PJSC "Kyivenergo" were trained. Under the guidance of a professional energy auditor, they examined 13 buildings and identified the potential savings of 2045 Gcal of thermal energy in the amount of 3.2 million UAH.
  • Over 100 energy specialists from 8 TPPs were trained in the framework of the project of implementation of the energy management system according to the ISO 50001 standard.



Leading international companies conducted energy audits under the governance of DTEK ESCO managers at: TPPs in Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, Burshtyn; at Dobropilska, Komendantska, Oktiabrska Central Processing plants; at the mining plant in Dobropillya and mining plants Pioner, Krasnyi partisan, Frunze.

DTEK ESCO specialists conducted two energy audits of separate ore-processing plants. In 2013-2014, prior to the establishment of the company under the Project team on energy efficiency of DTEK, energy auditors of DTEK ESCO, in cooperation with customers' energy managers, conducted audits of DTEK Dniprooblenergo, DTEK Krymenergo and DTEK Donetskoblenergo.


In 2015-2017 DTEK ESCO managers conducted over 400 energy audits of various buildings:

  • 220 residential houses, including buildings maintained by associations of co-owners of multi-apartment houses. As a result of these audits, 5 associations of co-owners of a multi-apartment house received grants from the Kyiv City State Administration for upgrading their heat substation and the project had been delivered;
  • 180 buildings of social-domestic and commercial purposes received project business plans on energy resource saving developed for them.


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